7 thoughts on “Interview with Pamela Spiro Wagner, on Schizophrenia and mental Illness in general”

  1. you are strong Miss Wagner,,,i couldnt wait to watch your interview,,,and now that i did,,i have to point out that you are really opinionated!! you speak what you believe..you fight for it too..i admire you for that..To me you will always be a hero with strong characters worth emulating..
    love to you,
    your Kenyan friend, florence wachira

  2. Pamela, oh, my. You are so articulate. My heart cringes for you. Barbarism is rampant everywhere. You are one of the strongest women on this planet. My kindest
    regards to you. Carolyn from Norway

  3. To the contrary, I think it was better when we did not drug people but treated them as the Quakers did, with respect and human kindness and with the expectation that they would get well and remain human in the process.

  4. Reblogged this on Marie Abanga's Blog and commented:
    I have personally seen Pam in a hospital and although it wasn’t in one of those where she was so abused, I found the treatment of her and other there denigrating. I am glad Pam has stood through it all for over 40 good years. Sharing her experiences and view and being so candid is an awesome thing to do. Thanks Pam for Sharing and advocating this forecully.

  5. Pamela, are you aware of the work of Dr. Abram Hoffer who treated more than 5000 ‘schizophrenics’ with a change in diet and micronutrients? He never abused anyone and he never took away hope.

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