Parrots PAinting

Parrots in Gouache for Elizabeth (for Christmas)

Parrots in Gouache for Elizabeth (for Christmas)

About Pamela Spiro Wagner

Wagner is an award-winning poet, author and artist who wrote WE MAD CLIMB SHAKY LADDERS, poems about her life with the mental illness, schizophrenia, and co-author, with her sister, a psychiatrist, of DIVIDED MINDS: Twin SIsters and their Journey through Schizophrenia, a memoir, which was a finalist for the Connecticut Book Award and won the NAMI Outstanding Literature Award in 2006. Her work has been published in Tikkun, Midwest Poetry Review, and the New York TImes Sunday Magazine as well as the Hartford Courant and the LA Weekly, among other places. She also won an international poetry competition sponsored by the BBC in 2001/2. Her art was on display in Connecticut area libraries in 2011 and 2012.
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6 Responses to Parrots PAinting

  1. Dear Rossa, I think your comment is being posted just fine, at Least it appears to me that it has been. If you have any further problems, let me know by email. Thanks for the comment!

    Happy Holidays


  2. Gosh, Pam! This is wonderful.

  3. Bill Williams says:

    A beautiful painting. Thank you, Pam, for sharing it.

  4. Rossa Forbes says:

    Hi, Pam,
    Have tried to send a comment several times on your art, and for whatever reason, the mission gets aborted. Your art is simply wonderful. The parrots are very cheerful. How are you feeling these days?
    And, of course, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you.

  5. omtatjuan says:

    very nice painting.. You have talent in many ways…

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